Laas seemed to struggle with the writing of this. (Perhaps he struggled with all of it and we happen to have received his polished, last versions.) Messy manuscript, with wordless, abandoned ideas around a B minor chord written separately from the main body. I have assumed those ideas were meant for the same piece and have worked them in.

For Rose. -Gv

Following a star
Following a star

I love you, child 
I love you 
I follow, child 
I follow 

A gift of frankincense 
Gift of frankincense 

I love you, Lord 
I love you 
I follow, Lord 
I do 

This glimpse of innocence 
Oh, I accept 

I love you, God 
I love you 
I follow, God 
I follow 
We love you, God 
We love you 
We love you, Lord 
We do 
We love you, Child.

The verses quote:
Micah 5:2 
Psalm 16:10 
Psalm 68:18 
Jeremiah 23:5 
Jeremiah 31:15 
Isaiah 15:1



Written by Haden Laas (1899-1918). Arranged and recorded by Grant Valdes.
Piano, guitar, voice - Grant Valdes. Violin, voice - Rose Stark.  Cello - James Linehan. 
Double bass - Ittai Korman.  Violin & voice - Rose Stark.
Painting: "A Twilight in the Catskills" by Sanford Robinson Gifford.