This is no argument
There is no other
Kept it sacrosanct

Now, is there anybody on a sweeter high?
Show us anybody
Talking mind-to-mind

That he was born
He praised the Lord

(I've been to Lexington... I've been to Lexington)
(I've been to Bunker Hill... I've been to Bunker Hill)
(Dying for freedom)

Paint the leaf as fine
As the petal

Is an earthly body such a sacrifice?
I've sung in every key but
How I'm hearing life

He raised his sights.




Written by Haden Laas, 1917. Arranged and recorded by Grant Valdes.
Recorded and released July 2015. Guitar, voice, drums, melodica - Grant Valdes.
Painting: "Blueberry Hill in Vermont" by Frederic Edwin Church.