Left by Laas in very complete form. I took the license of reading a swing feel into it and adding a verse (referencing clovers because I hear Irishness) and a climactic last chorus. No date provided.

Hymnody brims with troubled waters ("Pull for the Shore," "On Jordan's Stormy Banks") -- indeed, this is not the only nautical tune of Laas'. -Gv

Pray for rain in the springtime 
That the summer may be green 
Every season its purpose 
Every purpose won't be seen 

We tonight look surrounded 
By a tempest of dark waves 
In our hearts feel abandoned 
Listing hours from the day 

'Til our sea of trouble settles, calm 
Look to God's horizon 
Follow it on 

As a boy in the clovers 
Could you peer above the fence? 
Still a world laid in waiting 
When the time had come, you went 

As the swells break over 
Man the ropes 
Holding to our blessed duty of hope 

From the sea of high waters 
That would overcome our cheer 
We will make land tomorrow 
Having settled every fear 

And give praise to the maker 
For He made us how we are 
We were pale and unsteady 
Now we journey wide and far 

Ever follows peace after the storm 
We are charted to our promised home 
Off to God's horizon 
Heave ho!



Written by Haden Laas (1899-1918). Arranged and recorded by Grant Valdes.
Recorded September 2014. Piano, toy piano, bass & voice - Grant Valdes. Piano solo - Alan Murchie.
Violin & voice - Rose Stark. Painting: "Calm Before the Storm" by William Trost Richards.