In addition to his completed hymns and drafts, Laas left behind some private thoughts.  The lyrics to this are taken from a journal entry dated 10 March 1916.  It provides a window into the significance of hymnody for the young gent.  The music is my own.  -Gv

I need a new hymn 
I need a new hymn 
I made a new sin 
Another day squandering 

Sing from the mountaintop 
Not into your sleeve 
Let it breathe! 

Oh, I'm aching to bend 
My fate in these idling hands 
So is there a friend 
In this kingdom of make-pretend? 

Fight to the pinnacle 
And keep looking out 
Past the doubt 

Oh, little me 

I'll leave it to Him 
I'll leave it to Him 
Pencil in hand 
I'm listening 

I'm eager to fold 
I'm eager to fold, but 
There's news to be told!



Words mostly by Haden Laas (1899-1918). Music by Grant Valdes.
Recorded January 2015. Guitar, organ, pencil & voice - Grant Valdes.
Painting: "Woodland Path" by Asher Durand.