Included first in Gathered Hymns for the obvious reason. Laas' brief chorale ends on a note of doubt about his worthiness in God's cosmos: "in every town / ...a beloved soul / even I, Lord?" In my adaptation I have taken the liberty of answering the young man's question in the affirmative. -Gv

"Let there be light!"
And it was so
You spoke it from the night
Still is as good

Light of your word
Willing this world of God
He in the lowest crag and
Deepest heaven

Little I know
Still I attempt
Even the softest breath
Heard in heaven

Every light in every window of Him
and even I
Every home in every township of Him
and even I
Every soul beneath the sky beloved
and even I
All the light may fall upon is of Him
Yes, even I



Written by Haden Laas, c. 1916. Arranged and recorded by Grant Valdes. Released July 2014.
Piano & voice - Grant Valdes. Double bass & voice - Donald Keefe. Painting: "A Gorge in the Mountains" by Sanford Robinson Gifford.